Air Freight – Imports and Exports

LS Logistics Dept. is an accredited AIR Freight Forwarder in QATAR, providing Export and Import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from QATAR, Beyond QATAR we work with an extensive network of selected agents to provide you with a seamless and reliable service. Our extensive schedule includes direct and consolidated shipments on all major trade lane routes. Our experienced Air Freight team has a thorough knowledge of all options available to move your products.

We hold stocks of almost all major airlines. We have a record of accomplishment of handling high volumes with all the major airlines. We have Block Space Agreements with various carriers for major sectors. We can handle both big and small shipments with equal high service le Air Consolidation.

Our global agent networks ensure that our consolidated cargoes serve all major destinations of the world with scheduled departure and arrival times, a reliable advisory service and our permanent transit-time control and all at favorable freight charges. A good agent network also means a faster speed to get quotation of freightage from overseas.

You choose your routing we ensure punctual delivery by utilizing IATA flights. Our air freight specialists are :

  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airways
  • Ethihad Airline
  • Sri Lankan Air Line
  • Singapore Airline
  • Bahrain Airline