International Freight Forwarding

Air Freight – Imports and Exports

LS Logistics Dept. is an accredited AIR Freight Forwarder in QATAR, providing Export and Import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from QATAR, Beyond QATAR we work with an extensive network of selected agents to provide you with a seamless and reliable service. Our extensive schedule includes direct and consolidated shipments on all major trade lane routes. Our experienced Air Freight team has a thorough knowledge of all options available to move your products.


Sea Freight – Imports and Exports

LS Logistics Dept, one of the Qatar’s leading sea freight solutions providers, delivers highly flexible services through partnerships with leading carriers, global visibility and monitoring capabilities and tailor-made rates. Through partnerships with leading carriers, Link Ship can guarantee sea freight capacities and easily adapt to growing trade volumes - a key benefit for customers when it comes to managing global supply chains.


Land Freight – Imports and Exports

Production and sales activities are completed only when the products are delivered to their final destination. To fulfill diversifying user requirements and to quickly respond to these needs, we have developed a sound road transportation system. We provide effective and efficient road transport services for the delivery, dispatch & pick up of goods and services.